The Hold Me Tight® Workshop for Christian Couples

March 27-28, 2020


Rebecca E Clark, LMFT

ICEEFT Certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy
ICEEFT Certified EFT Clinical Supervisor


Individual, marriage, and family therapy for all ages;
addressing relational and mental health concerns.
Counseling approach:

 A family systems perspective: Recognizes not only your own emotional processes and stuck patterns, but also the interpersonal relationship patterns in your primary relational experiences—both currently and in your family of origin.

An attachment framework: Recognizes the deep importance of our emotional bonds with primary relationships in our lives (ie spouse, parent, inner self). Helps us explore our deep longings to be loved for who we are and the fears that arise when we don’t feel secure in these relationships. Explores how we see ourselves, how we believe others see us, how we view the world; why we long to connect, why we don’t; how we love; why it matters. (Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT); see (

Resilience and Strength-based framework: Informs the belief that each person and family has personal strengths, resources, and/or faith to bring to their counseling experience and their journey towards a healthier and more satisfying life pattern.

Responsibility: In this safe and supportive relationship with their therapist, patients will be expected to collaboratively create their treatment goals, and to learn to use their strengths to work towards identified goals.

Team approach: Patients can also expect, with their permission, that their counselor will make an effort to collaborate with other members of their healthcare team (ie: primary care provider, other counselors, other identified support) in order to provide whole-person care.

 Areas of special interest:
  • Marital distress
  • Feeling stuck
  • Family life transitions
  • Facing major decision
  •  Anxiety/depression
  •  Parent/child relationships
  • Trauma
  • Psychosocial issues related to medical concerns
  • Mental health component of
    health-related lifestye changes

Appointments are made by calling the office at Lifespan Family Healthcare.

Payment/ Insurances:  Anthem BCBS , MCHO and Self-payment accepted

Cancellations:  *Mutual respect for client’(s) and practitioner’s time is extremely important. The time of each client’s scheduled appointment is held specifically for that client/family. Client(s) agree(s) to provide 48-hours in advance notice of a cancellation.Notice of cancellation may be either by direct contact or by voice mail at (207) 563-3366. Late cancellations (less than 24 hours prior to appointment) or missed appointments regardless of the reason (car problems, traffic, an unexpected conflict in schedule etc.) with the exceptions of extremely poor weather conditions that make travel unsafe or sudden illness will be subject to a $60 charge.*Or alternatively, two no-shows in a row will result in consideration for discharge from practice.

Education, Memberships, Trainings 

Certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy (International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy)

 2000-2003, Master of Science in Human Development; Special Option: Marriage and Family Therapy
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Falls Church Virginia

1994-1998, Bachelors of Arts in Family Studies
Messiah College, Grantham, PA

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, Associate member (
Maine Marriage and Family Therapy Chapter (
Collaborative Family Healthcare Association ( )
Additional training in Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (

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