Who We Are

Dedicated to providing our community with exemplary whole person, compassionate and team based care.

Our caring and experienced providers and staff are here to offer you the best family care possible. We provide healthcare that spans all ages – newborn, children, adolescent and adult, both men and women – offering primary care services for acute and chronic illnesses and injuries. Minor surgery, cryosurgery, and other procedures are offered on site, in addition to basic lab tests.

Our Philosophy

to provide compassionate, high-quality healthcare to individuals and families, anchored by the view of wellness that embraces its biological, psychological, relational and spiritual aspects.

We are committed to patient care that is marked by excellence, compassion, cooperation and respect. We have a fully implemented Electronic Medical Record which allows us to employ the highest standards, evidence-based care, and best practices for effective and efficient operation.  By offering same day appointments for established patients, total attention during your visit, and timely follow-up we can assure you that you’ll be well taken care of.  We look forward to serving you and your family.