We’re committed to helping you find the support you need. If our counseling schedule is full when you inquire, please consider booking a highly effective 2-day couple’s intensive with Rebecca Clark. Alternatively, EFT Maine’s therapist directory provides a great list of couples therapists, and Psychology Today’s therapist directory is another useful resource. Having trouble finding the right match? Give us a call.

Individual, marriage, and family therapy at Lifespan

We believe true wellness encompasses both the mind and body as well as the relational and the spiritual. When you register as a counseling patient at Lifespan, we take a collaborative approach, connecting all members of your healthcare team with the goal of providing whole-person care. 


Our in-house counselor, Rebecca Clark, is a licensed marriage and family therapist with advanced certification in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy.)


Rebecca writes: “We all long for meaningful connection, but often lack the roadmap or skills to find it. You can find the path to secure connection by learning how buried emotions drive negative patterns and cause disconnection. 


Working with an EFT therapist helps you tune in to the relational needs your emotions are signaling, and to express those needs in a healthy way.


EFT is an evidence-based and structured approach to therapy based on the science of adult attachment and bonding, which gets to the heart of the connection that we each seek in our lives.”  

Policies and Payment Information

Registration: Please do not send counseling registration paperwork until you have a confirmed counseling appointment.


Counseling Cancellations: Mutual respect for Client’s and Practitioner’s time is extremely important. The time of each Client’s scheduled appointment is held specifically for that client/family. As such, Client(s) agree(s) to provide 48 hours’ advance notice of a cancellation. Notice of cancellation may be given either by direct contact, patient portal, or by voicemail at (207) 563-3366. 


Late cancellations (less than 24 hours prior to appointment) or missed appointments regardless of the reason (car problems, traffic, an unexpected conflict in schedule etc.) with the exceptions of extremely poor weather conditions that make travel unsafe, or sudden illness, will be subject to a $100 charge. Alternatively, two no-shows in a row will result in consideration for discharge from practice.


COVID-19 Protocols for Counseling at Lifespan: If you and your loved one are fully vaccinated, we can meet in person without masks unless symptomatic or exposed. In other cases, we will wear masks or switch to telehealth on a HIPPA compliant platform. Regardless of telehealth or in-person, we will stay focused on connecting, healing, and growing. 


Telehealth: We are not currently accepting “telehealth only” counseling patients.

Payment/Insurance:  Anthem BCBS, MCHO, Harvard Pilgrim, Aetna and self-payment accepted for counseling patients