Frequently Asked Questions

1. How soon can I get my medications after I call?

Our office policy on medication refills is that non-urgent refills are sent to the pharmacy within 48 hours and urgent refills are sent within 24 hours. Call the pharmacy to see when your prescription will be ready to pick up. Please plan ahead for your prescription needs.

2. Are you closed on holidays and if so, who will take care of my needs if I am sick?

We do have 24-hour coverage for our patients. When the office is not open then we have after hour On-call service. The provider On-call will return your call or you can go to your local emergency room. The On-call number is located on the Contact page.

3. What if my insurance is not listed on your insurance list?

First call your health insurance company to see if our office or providers are on their list or if you have an open plan. Then call our office to verify we can take your insurance plan.

4. If I am sick can I call and get in the same day?

Our daily schedule allows for urgent care appointments, if none are available we will try to work you in or get you in the following day.

5. Why do you not take MaineCare Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) patients?

We do take MaineCare patients but do not participate with the PCCM program (formerly known as Managed Care). Because of this we cannot make referrals to specialists on your behalf. Please call a MaineCare service representative if you are unsure of your coverage at 1-800-977-6740, or to get a list of participating providers.

6. What if I want copies of my records?

We will gladly transfer your records to another office free of charge, with a signed release of records from them. If you want copies of your records it will cost $5 for the first page and .45 cents for each additional page.

7. My child has a school form that needs to be signed; can the provider just fill that out for us without an office visit?

If your child has recently been seen, within 3 months, by the provider and we have the information the form is requesting, the provider can do this without an appointment. Otherwise you will need to schedule an appointment for your child.

8. Can the provider fill out health related paperwork for me?

If you have been seen recently by a provider, within 3 months, and we have the information the paperwork is requesting, the provider can fill out forms without an appointment. Otherwise you will need to schedule an appointment to have the provider fill out the form.

9. How do I know if my insurance will cover the cost of my office visit and any procedures I have done?

Insurance coverage varies for each person, please contact your health insurance carrier if you have questions regarding your coverage.

10. How much will my office visit cost?

Each visit is dependent on several factors, such as time, complexity and procedures. Please call the front desk if you need an approximate price range for certain types of visits.

11. How do I know which medical provider I will see?

As a new patient, you can choose which provider you would like as your primary care provider (PCP) – based on who is currently taking new patients. If you have an acute issue, we will attempt to schedule you with your PCP first, if this is not possible, then with the provider who has the first available appointment.

12. I have no insurance, what are affordable health care options?

We have cash pay discounts, when you pay at the time of the visit in full. You can also contact Consumers for Affordable Health Care at

13. How do you handle overdue accounts?

We make every effort to collect outstanding balances within a reasonable time frame. If after every effort, we are unable to collect, it is the policy of the practice to send the balance to a collections agency and the patient is discharged from the practice for failure to pay. The cost of sending certified letters, in an attempt to collect outstanding balances, will be added to the patient’s account.