Rebecca E. Clark, LMFT achieves full status as EFT Clinical Supervisor

Rebecca E. Clark, LMFT achieved full status in December 2018 as an EFT Clinical Supervisor for clinicians learning the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) model. Developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and grounded in attachment theory, EFT is a systematic approach that aims to reduce relationship distress and help couples and families create trust and intimacy. We all have a fundamental need to feel valued, understood, and loved by our partner. Research shows that ALL couples get disconnected at times, and that there is a reliable roadmap for reconnection. As they work towards a more secure bond, couples learned how to identify and change the negative cycles that get in the way of intimacy, make sense of emotions, and restore trust and safety in their relationship. Rebecca enjoys helping therapist grow in the skills of this evidence-based EFT model so that more couples can benefit from this meaningful process.  Rebecca is the first therapist in Maine to achieve this certification.